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Tell us why your 501c3 non-profit should be a finalist.
This is your opportunity to tell us what you are doing in the community and how you would use a $10,000 technology grant to support your mission. Must submit nomination form and video to be considered. There is no time length requirement for the video, and Deadline for submission is March 31.

Create a video and post it to our Facebook.
UPDATE: Videos are no longer mandatory, but strongly encouraged.
Show us your current workspace, share a story, be creative in showing us why your favorite non-profit should to be among the top finalists. Link the video to Heart Technologies Facebook page. Share and get likes to get your supporters excited. There is no time length requirement, and videos will be evaluated based on your message, not your filmmaking skills. 

FIVE finalists will be announced on April 13. All finalists will receive a prize.
A diverse committee will review the submissions and evaluate the amount of impact that the non-profit would have utilizing the technology grant. The thoroughness of submissions will also be a deciding factor. Our first prize winner will receive the $10,000 technology grant. All runners up will receive a new workstation including installation, a prize valued at $1,500.

One day of voting on May 8.
The five finalists will have one day to get their supporters to vote via text (standard rates apply) or online up to 10 times per device. Check back soon for more information.

The Great HEART Give is Heart Technologies' way of helping non-profits with technology grants and prizes. Focusing on Peoria, Decatur, Springfield, and Bloomington areas, the community votes and decides who takes home the prizes. This is also a great way for non-profits to share their mission and gain more support. This year, we've listened to your feedback and have redesigned the event to better your needs.





Heart Technologies is a Central Illinois-based company servicing our clients in the areas of IT Networking, Communications, Security, Life Safety, and Infrastructure while focusing on educational and medical industries.


For more information, visit our website.

Heart Technologies



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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Illinois Capital Region

MISSION: To help children reach their full potential through life-changing, professionally supported, one-to-one mentoring relationships.

IF WE WIN: We would use the funds to purchase updated computers for staff. Several of our staff members work out in the field doing home interviews with new clients and volunteers. We use a web based data tracking system that is required by our national office, but without laptops our staff has to write all the data on paper first then transfer it all to the data base when they return to the office. Having the capable to process the information in real time on a laptop would help staff work more efficiently by saving time. It would also cut expenses drastically as we would reduce the amount of paper and ink used. We would also like to purchase graphic design software to produce marketing materials.


Common Place

MISSION: To embrace diversity and improve lives through education and family support.

IF WE WIN: Our technology needs are great. Our world is increasingly becoming technology based. Youth in school, adults in business, families needing information...all of these things require technology. We want to equip our participants with the skills needed to succeed. Most are not computer literate and do not have access to technology so that they can obtain these skills. As the state moves to a completely computerized GED test, our participants hoping to take the test need the skills to navigate the test itself. Our youth are limited in their access to the Internet and the software needed to complete school projects and explore the world outside of Peoria. This grant would allow us to expand our computer lab and purchase the technology needed to push Common Place forward. The sky is the limit on what we can provide our participants with this technology!


LifeLine Pilots

MISSION: Our mission is to facilitate free air transportation, through volunteer pilots, for patients and their families who require specialized medical care but are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford the cost of lengthy transportation. In addition, we complete humanitarian missions in times of natural (and unnatural) disasters by delivering life saving medical and personal supplies.

IF WE WIN: Serving 16 states with over 500 pilots spread throughout, it is quite the daily task to maintain communications with pilots, patients, airports, hospitals and social workers. We lack the mobile communication devices that would greatly enhance our efforts, our website is outdated, and our pilot/patient mission tracking database is ancient, yet we lack the resources necessary to accomplish any of the upgrades necessary. By upgrading our technology through the acquisition of tablets to provide mobility, workstations to enhance our communication abilities, and website and database redesigns to improve both outreach and efficiency, we will not only be better positioned to continue our efforts in providing the services our patients greatly are in need of, but will be able to increase our impact through new services we currently cannot provide.


Meadows at Mercy Creek

MISSION: Meadows seek to minister to the elderly in the belief that God desires older persons to enjoy dignity, respect and care.

IF WE WIN:  We welcome and would love this blessing to be chosen as the winning recipients of this wonderful award money to purchase more equipment that will enable our Residents "to live" and enjoy the quality of life they deserve at their stage in life; to live in a vibrant, enriched and joy-filled way with every opportunity available to them no matter what type of skilled care or service they need. Residents enjoy using a new technology that provides many options for them to be engaged in activities they may have only dreamed of or never believed they could ever do again. These technologies can be costly even though well worth their price for the joy they give each day. We need more opportunities like these and can realize these dreams through this grant money and working with Heart Technologies!! Thank you for this opportunity!


Neighborhood House

MISSION: To be a safe haven that meets the needs of the community by helping people become or remain independent. Our goal is to help people help themselves.

IF WE WIN:  Our phone system is an integral part of what we do, due to the large amount of people we serve and the services we provide. We'd use the funds to update 30 phones, and provide a combination of voice over Internet phone and regular phone lines so we always have reliability.


IT Networking | Communications | Life Safety | Security | Infrastructure





This year, you'll be able to text, Tweet, and vote online.
Limit 10 votes per person per voting method.

TEXT VOTING: Text your GHG2015 to 2233 any time before or on May 8th to register to vote. Once registered, text your choice's code to 22333 to vote. Remember, standard text messaging rates apply.

TWEET VOTING: Tweet your choice's code to  @Heart_Tech

ONLINE VOTING: Go to our voting site and click your selection.